Rethinking Toys

Over the past 8+ months, I’ve been working on getting a toy produced. The first avenue I checked was the majority of my focus, and while it was the best value for the yield, it was quite expensive. I then looked into producing through Unbox Industries - it made for a more manageable price, but covering initial expenses would have put me at a loss financially. Now, I’m bringing up the next phase: 3D printing. This was an idea I had looked into initially, but cost of material was less than desirable. However, I’ve figured out a work around that will allow me to produce the toys at a reasonable cost. This also allows me to control the release of editions in figures much more deliberately, which is also nice.

So here’s the current plan: I’m skipping the fundraising stage. I’m getting the printer in a couple of weeks. I have a figure or 2 3d modeled already, and will be able to do some test runs very soon. After that, it’s on to full paint, promo photos, and pre-orders. I’m also planning on releasing these with original printed headers for bagged toys instead of boxing them. 

Modeling, production, painting, packaging, and distribution, all handled by 1 dude.

I may be jumping the gun by saying this, but I think the future is looking pretty bright.

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